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Teacher Pages

Seths Pages

Molly Gum - English 10
Greg Davis - Rec. Sports
Johna Jacobson - Spanish 3
Robert Reisener - Physics
Elizabeth Lincoln - Acting 1
Carrie White - Algebra 3H
Alyssas Pages

Kate Eastburn - Language Arts
Shannon Griffith - Social Studies
Luwin Lazo - Art
J.C. Calusine - PE
Eric DeVore - Spanish
Joanne Spiess - Science
Michelle Wetzel - Math
Jeremys Pages

Shannon Griffith - Social Studies
Eric DeVore - Spanish
Don Larson - PE
Chris Brown - Tech
Kate Eastburn - Language Arts
Angie Braude - Science
Kyle Beck - Math 8

Helpful Websites

Big Ideas Math
is our book's website. To see the videos that go along with each lesson, you click on the \"student\" tab, then on the left side it says \"Home Edition\", the pull down menu should say \"A Common Core\", and click on the green \"GO\" button. Pick your student's book (red for 7th grade math and blue for 8th grade math). You will then be able to find the chapter we are currently in. Once you are there, pick the section your child needs help with and there will be \"Lesson Tutorials\". Two skills review workbooks are also available on-line \"Basic Skills Workbook\" and the \"Skills Review Workbook\". Explore the web site now that everything is working! There are a lot of resources available! :)

Khan Academy
is a great place to watch videos on many subjects...including math!

is a great place to do some review with math facts. You can pick the grade level and the topics. If a student answers a questions wrong, the web site will give an explanation. Great way to brush up on skills or to get ahead!

is an on-line flash card website, so it is great for practicing quick recall skills!

Sports Links